Well, I am more than happy to share with the world why, what for, the benefits and the amazing results they can deliver to your body! Especially if you struggle with detoxing, losing weight, acne, have fatigue, brain fog and lack of energy. 

Why did I begin doing coffee enemas? Well, after spending most of my life with the neurological side affects of Lyme disease but being misdiagnosed with mental illness and being put on pharmaceutical after pharmaceutical…the day an old friend came back into my life, she helped come to the conclusion that enough was enough and began I soon began my journey of tapering off all the meds. Non of my Doctors wanted me to get off. They had every excuse to keep me as their addict, to have me always coming back for more and being reliant on them. She opened the door wide open for me to go down the rabbit hole of discovering alternative and natural ways to open up my detox pathways so I could release all the toxins, metals, parasites and candida overgrowth that resulted in being untreated, mistreated and misunderstood by western medicine and their lack of knowledge on how the human body actually works. Little to say my mind was blown wide open! I was changing up my diet, replacing all my toxic products to non toxic products, taking herbs and tinctures, seeing acupuncturists and Chinese medicine Dr’s at the time and before my friend brought up coffee enemas. At this point I’d been suffering with horrible acne, cystic boils all lover my body since I was 13, and all I can say is, for the first time in my life, since I was a teen ( I’m 43 now ) I finally have the best skin of my life! No more hiding it all under layers of makeup, no more acne and all the scars I had all slowly just disappeared! These dang coffee enemas did A LOT for me and this body!!

The bad thing about detoxing without the enemas, was that I was literally living in a state of herx. A herx is what you get when your body is detoxing and trying to fight off something that’s toxic to the body. Symptoms of a herx is body pain, body fatigue, hot and cold flashes, headaches..basically what the body does when you’re fighting the flu. It was a horrendous existence. Tapering off 12 pharmaceuticals left my body in withdrawal mode and trying to open up my detox pathways was only making me feel worse….until I began the enemas!

So, what are all the amazing benefits from doing a coffee enema and what did they help me with? They helped me with so many things. But, I will admit though, when my friend came at me with doing these as a way to help me feel better and detox, I told her she was crazy and to forget about it! There was no way I was going to stick a tube up my butt and fill my body with coffee…say what? But after listening to my complaints and refusing this method, she showed up to my door once day with an enema kit, the coffee and said ” you’re doing this and I don’t care what you say “. Ugh…I couldn’t escape it any longer and just finally pulled up my big girl pants and tried it. So grateful for her persistence!

Not sure how many people out there know about or are aware of the MTHFR gene, but it is a genetic gene that makes detoxing the body much more difficult to do. It weakens the lymphatic system which is our draining system like the pipes in your home to help flush junk out…When your body wasn’t created to detox properly like the rest of the world, things can get bad, even lead to obesity, over toxicity and cancer by not filtering out toxins in the body. 

Our bodies naturally create glutathione, but, when your lymphatic system becomes over congested and can’t filter everything out properly, symptoms begin to creep in. This is how our bodies are able to eradicate and flush out viruses, bacteria’s, toxins, chemicals and keep the body going, naturally, on its own. Our bodies are the most intelligent machines on this planet. It knows exactly what do to do. We’ve just never been taught how to honor our bodies as sacred temples nor were we taught how our bodies actually function.

The benefits I got from doing coffee enemas were endless. I began activating my own glutathione and stimulating my lymphatic system. Just doing that alone helped me pass negative pathogens like life force sucking parasites and all the candida overgrowth. They helped beat my debilitating fatigue, brain fog and all over body pain. It’s like they cleared my scrambled up brain that the parasites and toxins were affecting the most. They were my game changer and Godsend! They helped me get through the withdrawal and tapering off the pharmaceuticals process by opening up my liver, released parasites, candida, metals, lost 25 unwanted pounds from all my gut and GI issues, blasted my fatigue and all over body pain to name a few!! They offer so many benefits its ridiculous. 

So little to say, they did a lot for me when I began my detox journey from all those years of living with toxicity being put in my body with drugs/pharmaceuticals and all those years it was being suppressed by being misdiagnosed with mental illness, fibromyalgia, mental illness, chronic fatigue syndrome, RA, insomnia, interstitial cystitis, endometriosis and then towards the end I being told I had MS. To some it up, I was a hot mess and western medicines ultimate patient! NOT ANYMORE!! They helped me my take my power back!

Talking about hot messes….it was a hot mess when I began doing the coffee enemas. I was getting frustrated and discouraged the first few times and I was making a total mess of myself, including my bathroom floor! I could barely hold it in for 3 minutes without exploding coffee everywhere. I wasn’t seeing anything come out of me but the damn coffee. But my friend at the time kept encouraging me to keep going. Kept reminding me that it would get easier and I’d soon start seeing a difference. She was right. By week two of doing them once a day….HOLY MOTHER…I couldn’t believe what was exiting my body. I turned my bathroom into a stool lab, lol! I began pooping through a strainer to catch and collect all the life sucking vampires aka parasites I was passing. I was looking them up online to confirm which ones I was passing! It was great confirmation and validation for me. It motivated and inspired me to keep going! I did one once a day, sometimes twice a day depending on how much was leaving my body for 8 straight months until I landed in Mexico for full blown holistic treatments. My Dr was amazed at the level I could function at when my test results showed I was stage 4 lyme. I didn’t have to be sent home with a parasite or candida protocol which was even more epic. It totally empowered me!

So what do you need for this game changer? You’ll need a non toxic enema kit shown here in the image. I got mine off amazon for $40.

How do you prepare the enema? Heres a great link to the instructions to follow :

And last, what did I take, eat and digest before each enema? After many failed parasite cleanse protocols of endless supplements and herbs, I grew into a savage, lol! I went way outside the box and began researching all the things parasites hate, all the things that kill parasites in the human body along with staying away from foods that fed candida. I was literally taking shots of things that are so gross but in the end they blasted the vampires, candida and repaired my leaky gut. These are the things I was taking before each one :

~ Shot glass of ACV

~ Shot of coconut oil

~ Handful of crushed up pumpkin seeds

~ 1 teaspoon of cinnamon 

~ 1/2  teaspoon of crushed cloves

~ 1 full clove of raw garlic ( pounded not eaten whole )

I hope this helps anyone out there thats been on the fence about what coffee enemas can do for you. Even if you’re not sick, our daily existence is being exposed to toxicity and pollutants, the food we eat have chemicals and the air we breathe isn’t all that great, if your holding on to unwanted pounds that you just can’t seem to shed, then its your detoxing pathways and your liver. We all need to be doing our best to work our lymphatic systems and active the glutathione to keep our bodies flushing and draining the things that don’t belong in our bodies that can result to illness or an unhealthy body that will one day eventually break from over toxicity. No one wants to be over weight, no one wants to feel like crap and no one wants to get sick. I highly recommend trying them!! they could be what your body is missing!

I’m here as always, as a guide and a support system for anyone needing it.

With all my love and light,


Evangelia Vensel, aka Holistic Lyme warrior & Spirt Awakener

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